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K Mohan

K Mohan is a trailblazing figure in the realm of makeup artistry, recognized for his exceptional skills and innovative techniques. As the Head of Department for Makeup at the prestigious Film & Television Institute of India (FTII), Mohan serves as a beacon of knowledge and expertise for aspiring makeup artists. With years of experience in the film and television industry, Mohan brings a wealth of practical wisdom to his role, enriching the learning experience for students under his tutelage.

Under Mohan's guidance, the Makeup Department at FTII has flourished, nurturing talents that have gone on to make significant contributions to the entertainment industry. Mohan's commitment to pushing the boundaries of creativity and his dedication to excellence have earned him widespread acclaim among peers and students alike. His passion for the art of makeup shines through in every aspect of his work, making him not only a revered educator but also a revered artist in his own right.

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