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Arakkal Nandakumar

arakkal Nandakumar.jpg

Arakkal Nandakumar, born in Cherthala in 1959, Nandakumar began his musical journey in 1980, training under notable mentors in Thiruvananthapuram. His concert debut in 1984 marked the start of a successful career, winning accolades at state and university festivals. He was academically accomplished and earned recognition from RLV Music College and pursued higher degrees with top honors. Transitioning into education, he held positions at various colleges before becoming a professor at Calicut University. Nandakumar's talent as a lyricist and composer gained widespread acclaim, earning him prestigious awards and A-grade recognition from Akashvani. His compositions, notably 'Mridumandahasam,' have left a lasting impact, featured in films, and celebrated with awards.

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