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Rajula Shah

Rajula Shah is a vocal artist, Poet, and Filmmaker. She grew up listening to stories and working with tribal and folk artisans from all over the subcontinent and considers it her first school. Sustained dialogue with the ancient knowledge systems and the changing practices thereof form the core of her study and her practice thus emerges from a close collaboration with people, their histories, and environments.
For two decades, she has been producing & directing short films & documentaries, exploring boundaries of Fiction/Documentary, Experimental, Digital art, New Media et al. She has collaborated with fellow practitioners/ artists in various capacities as Researcher, Scriptwriter, Production designer, Cinematographer & Editor. The need to develop film teaching methodologies in the Asian/Indian context is a serious concern with her. She designs and directs innovative short courses at various institutes including the Film & TV Institute of India (FTll)

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