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Pramod Thomas

Discover the talent of Pramod Thomas, a distinguished audio engineer and sound designer hailing from Pandalam, Kerala, India. Widely recognized for his exceptional contributions to both Hindi and Malayalam cinema, he has left an indelible mark with his work on acclaimed films such as Dev.D (2009) and Enthiran (2010). After graduating from the esteemed Film and Television Institute of India in Pune, Pramod commenced his journey in the late 1990s, immersing himself in the realms of sound across the Malayalam, Hindi, and Tamil film industries.

His expertise has graced numerous cinematic gems, including Rituparno Ghosh's Raincoat (2004) and Veettilekkulla Vazhi (2011), as well as contemporary hits like Kismath (2018), Kaadu Pookkunna Neram (2016), Rakshadhikari Baiju Oppu (2017), and Eeda (2018). With a steadfast commitment to excellence, Pramod continues to elevate the auditory experience of Tamil and Malayalam cinema, enriching each project with his unparalleled sound perspective.

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