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Smt. Sameera Jain

Member, Eminent Editor & Filmmaker

sameera Jain_edited.jpg

Smt. Sameera Jain is a visionary in the realm of filmmaking, excelling as both an editor and director. Her cinematic expertise has been showcased internationally, with a diverse portfolio spanning documentaries, experimental shorts, and fiction films. Jain's commitment extends beyond the screen; she actively shapes film education through teaching and mentoring, with a focus on pushing the boundaries of documentary form. Notable directorial works include "Mera Apna Sheher (My Own City)," "Portraits of Belonging," and "Born At Home."

Her films have graced prestigious festivals like Cinema du Reel in Paris and Film South Asia in Kathmandu. Jain's editorial finesse shines in both nonfiction and fiction realms, contributing to acclaimed projects such as "A Season Outside" and "Such a Morning."

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