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Shri. T.V. Chandran
Member, Eminent Film Maker

TV Chandran.jpg

T. V. Chandran, born on November 23, 1950, stands as a prominent figure in Indian cinema, notably in Malayalam films as a director, screenwriter, and actor. Originating from Telicherry, he shifted from a career at the Reserve Bank of India to pursue filmmaking, initially apprenticing under P.A. Backer. His notable works encompass "Alicinte Anveshanam" (1989), "Ponthan Mada" (1993), and a trilogy addressing the 2002 Gujarat riots. Chandran's contributions have garnered six National Film Awards, ten Kerala State Film Awards, and the esteemed J. C. Daniel Award bestowed upon him in 2023, solidifying his legacy as a visionary filmmaker in Indian cinema.

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