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The course brings out the true potential of a talented and dedicated student, makes him adaptable to the technicalities of the film shooting and hence to pursue a career as a professional Actor. It explores the range of Acting for Film as well as Theatre, Television and Radio. The Stanslavisky ‘system’ acts as fundamental of Acting practice and students are introduced to later approaches like Michael Chekhov and Strasberg‘s method as well. Vocal and physical training with specialist skill tutors supported by improvisation sessions throughout the training provide the flexibility, technique and versality to excel in any performance forms. Coordinated exercises with other departments viz. Direction, Cinematography, and Audio provide the flexibility to modify the programme according to the requirement of the student. Projects attached with workshops wherever possible in each semester helps a student to work productively.

Directors, Actors, writers, Artists and Performers, provide professional insights from their own experiences and allow opportunities, for the students to develop links to profession throughout their training. The three years unique and personal training with outstanding facilities enables one for a sustainable and varied career.

Salient Features of the Course

  • A very enriching understanding of Acting paves the way for the student to choose different options. The syllabus is capable of making the student to be a professional actor as well as a trainer, teacher Actor etc.

  • Specialist workshops for enhancing special skills in Actors which brings their full potential systematic based approach to learning.

  • Each workshop has got an outcome as short term projects

  • Television anchoring and compeering skills which is a job possible area.

  • Theatre productions which invoke spontaneous flow of the actor ,which makes Film acting more at ease and promotes the skills of the actor

  • Diploma Film which creates a complete outcome of student talent giving a platform for the student creativity and talent.

Duration of the each semester is twenty weeks. All semesters are integrated with esthetical theories of narrative film editing and application of the concept by practically editing on materials in practical classes. The last semester is dedicated for dissertation and diploma film.

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