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Cinematography is a dynamic plastic art. It is a creative and artistic branch of Cinema based on scientific, technological, aesthetic skill, craft and technique to enable communication. The more complete the technical as well as artistic methodology become the more possibilities of expression become available to realize the expressive language of Cinema. As both an art and a craft, it is a dynamic process that involves the composition of light, shadow, time and movement. For the cinematographer this requires a synthesis of technical know-how on Optics, Biomechanics, Image-sensor technologies and creative sensibility.

Salient Features of the Course

  • In terms of craft, at KRNNIVSA, we teach photographic theory, concepts and techniques in lighting.

  • We teach the practical use of Digital cameras Sony Alfa 7s 2/4K, Panasonic GH4 2/4K in the first year.

  • Sony Cine Alta F55 2/4K in the second year and ARRI, RED in the third year.

  • In the post production stage students will be using Blackmagic Resolve 15 for Colour Correction and Image manipulation with a top-end Dolby monitor.

  • Our Studios are shoot-ready for the Exercises and lighting practical classes. The studiois equipped with shooting set, crane, Track & Trolley, Kinoflo, Fresnel and LED Lights.

  • We combine the skills with the working ethos of a professional crew and from this platform we encourage cinematography as a creative means of visual story telling.


State of the Art Equipment and Facilities

Sony Cine Alta F55 with CP2 Lenses

Sony Alpha 7s with Carl Zeiss and sony lenses
Panasonic GH4 with Carl Zeiss Lenses
Shogun Atomos 4K External Recorder cum Monitor
Cinematics Rigs
Manfrotto, Supertech, Studio Assist Tripods
Mini Theatre for Cinematography Students
Shooting Floor (120ft length x80ft width x 30ft height) with Generator 400KW and 60KW Van
The studio equipped with lighting rigs, cranes, Kinoflo
Blackmagic Davinci Resolve 15 with Advanced panel DI Suite and Dolby Monitor.
Well-equipped Air Conditioned Class Rooms with 3D 4K 65inch Television
Demo Studio for highend studio still photography with Elinchrom deluxe lights
Classroom Theatre for First Year Students
I Mac and Windows Systems
Desiccators for lens storing
Upcoming high-end DI facility with Barco 4K post-production projector
And a state of the Art Preview theater with Barco 4K projector along with a digital Archive

During their time at the school, cinematography students will find many opportunities to explore, experiment and develop their own sensibilities. There are regular Q&A and master class events with leading cinematographers as well as Demonstration by all leading manufacturers of Camera, lenses, light equipments in the campus.

Senthil prabhu K 
Head of the Department
Department of Cinematography

Eminent cinematographer shri Santhosh Thundiyil cinematography workshop

Cinematography is gathering of images in simple terms but to bring to screen; images which can transcend mundane visuals and lift a film to a level which is inspiring and artistically thought provoking needs the mentorshipof a gifted Cinematographer. 
This is where, working with Shri Santosh Thundiyil becomes relevant. A talented & versatile Cinematographer himself, he imparted to students finer nuances of camera work in a friendly & interactive manner which will help them in their professional career.

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